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About Cura Di Sé

After working 16 years in a wide variety of specialties within the medical field, Adria kept finding herself reflecting on the main reason she entered into a career in healthcare and it was simple….to help people. However, she realized she no longer wanted to be limited to only helping people who had fallen ill, but rather she desired to help individuals optimize their health, strive for wellness, and experience the confidence that accompanies looking and feeling your best. However, as a working wife and mother she understands the challenges of trying to find a healthy balance between caring for others and caring for yourself. Unfortunately, caring for ourselves too often gets pushed to the bottom of our priorities while we run circles in life putting everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. Self-care, while a simple concept, is yet often difficult in reality to achieve or, at least sustain for any amount of time. The idea of joining others in their journey of making self-care a priority is exciting and humbling.

Natural processes including aging, metabolic/weight changes, child birth, and busy lifestyles all combine to make it difficult for one to maintain a healthy and rejuvenated existence. The resulting changes in one’s appearance can inadvertently cause insecurities.  At Cura Di Sé we want to help combat some of these issues faced by providing exceptional service combined with medical expertise, utilization of the most current technology and top of the line products. With a focus on restoration and natural beauty enhancement we hope to help restore and maintain self-confidence and achieve a personal sense of having the outside mirror the inside.


The term Cura Di Sé means self-care in Italian.
A wise, spunky, Italian lady, lovingly known as “Grandma Rosie” always said “getting old is the shits, but you might as well try to look and feel your best while doing it”.

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Our mission is to provide exceptional quality care that is personalized for each individual in order to improve health, wellness, and enhance natural beauty. Using up to date technology and scientifically proven products, along with individualized consultations, we strive to provide wellness education, affordable treatment options and high quality services best suited for individualized needs. Offering an integrated approach through technology and products we aim to be a premier medical aesthetic and wellness clinic.


Our vision is to be the medical aesthetic provider of choice for the community by exceeding expectations through commitment to continuous quality care while providing patient-centered wellness and cosmetic treatments that enhance health, self-image, and confidence at an affordable rate.

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